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Art Napoleon is host and co-producer of APTN’s popular show Moosemeat & Marmalade, an international food series that showcases Indigenous foods, traditional knowledge and outdoor cooking techniques.


This former chief is as comfortable on a big city stage or boardroom as he is skinning a moose in a hailstorm with a pocketknife. Art grew up in the boreal forests and mountains of Northern BC where he learned bush-skills including traditional plant use and outdoor cooking.


Art holds an MA in Language Revitalization from the University of Victoria, is a language educator and practices land based activities on a seasonal basis. Based in Victoria BC, Art remains connected to his home territory and his Cree and Dane Zaa roots.


When he is not producing TV, he tours regularly as a performer and speaker. His moose stew has been known to cure hangovers and his campfire tales have mended broken hearts…or so the stories go.

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Avalene is a quirky, lyrically driven song about dysfunctional fatal attraction in rural Canada; an addictive small-town love affair that leads to regrets and realizations later in life.


This gritty but upbeat lament is laced with catchy dobro, twangy baritone guitar and a trumpet section that kind of sneaks in from a side door. Fans of off-beat songwriters like Skip Taylor, Todd Snider, Ray Wylie Hubbard or Hayes Carll might want to give this a listen.

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